Minute Monday: Health and Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The Holidays are right around the corner, and that means all across the country, stores will be buzzing, kitchens will be cooking and people will be decorating.  With all the hustle and bustle, you also need to remember that you and your loved one’s health and safety is just as important.

Check out these quick tips on what you can do to make sure you stay happy and healthy for the holiday season in a minute or less!

  • Handle and prepare food safely

When it comes to the holiday season in the Fall, all different kinds of dishes are made and shared with office co-workers, friends and family. Be wary of cross-contamination between different dishes, this includes not just raw meats touching other foods but also being aware of some of the most common food allergies that others may have.  If your dishes do contain these ingredients, be sure to let those you are sharing with know.  And if you have these allergies, be sure to ask those who made the dish to protect your health. Don’t risk a possible trip to the ER just because you don’t want to ask what’s in the dish.

  • Eat healthy and be active

During the Holiday season, all of the delicious dishes are hard to pass up.  It can get hard to eat healthy and balanced meals when you attend parties, holiday celebrations and indulge in daily office treats.  Set some healthy boundaries before you take a bite of that first treat, such as “one treat a week” or “eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so you can have that family dinner.” Also, remember to keep as close as you can to your daily activity routine.  Even if you can’t take your morning run while you are visiting with family, you could change it up a bit and instead take an evening walk with your cousin, sister or parent. Your health will follow you for years to come, whereas those Halloween candies, Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies will come and go.

  • Prevent Injuries

While injuries can happen at any time, with the high stress and numerous holiday events that take place, people try to cut corners where possible to get as much they can get done, and that includes cutting corners when it comes to safety.  With the holidays come decorations, and with the decorations come lights, statues, inflatables and other hanging adornments. Often, injuries can occur when trying to hang these festive decorations either outside or inside the house. Make sure to use a certified step ladder or ladder instead of a chair, sofa or table to prevent falling.  Be sure you check your stoves and ovens before you leave the room and that any lights or electrical inflatables are secure and plugged in properly to prevent fires.



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