Making Their Mark: IT at Copart

The IT Department at Copart is dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment and always looks for ways to develop cutting edge technology.  But what does that really mean? How is that actually a part of our day-to-day work in the office?

We hosted our first Making Their Mark roundtable event with three of our experienced IT team members, Asma Qureshi, Luke Pfaff and Vladimir Safin to get to know what it’s really like working at Copart. Throughout the week we will feature what they had to say about different aspects of their experience working at Copart as well as what advice they offer IT professionals who want to work at technology companies like Copart.

Today we learn about Asma, Luke and Vladimir’s honest opinion about what it’s like to work at Copart. They were asked: Besides the cool toys and platforms you get to work on, why do you work at Copart?

img_0626Asma Qureshi, Software Engineer

Copart is a great place to work not only because of the cool toys and platforms that I get to work on, but also because of the comradery. All my coworkers are amazing people who are dedicated to getting results. They take pride in the work they do for the company, and they are always ready to help. Copart as a company is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing their people, which promotes working together and forming great relationships.”



Luke Pfaff, Project Manager

“I work at Copart because our leaders really want to see us excel and follow our passions. They promote continual education, inside and outside the office, which is really important for any IT professional.  They also encourage you to become involved in unique opportunities that will challenge you to be the best, which also helps others along the way.”



Vladimir Safin, Software Engineer

“What makes Copart such a great place to work? That’s simple, the Copart people and my team that I work with everyday. Everyone at Copart is motivated to do great things that not only propel the company forward, but the entire industry! There is nothing like this.”


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