Make Your Business Like a Theme Park

Willis shares an important business lesson he learned where you would least expect it.

I got the inspiration to create new services within my companies from visiting a theme park.

When I was younger and I went to a large commercial theme-park for the first time, it wasn’t just a theme park to me or a place to have fun.  To me, it was a model of how to build businesses within a business.  I paid a fee just to get in the gate. And then when I went to a restaurant, I paid to eat and drink.  Then I paid money at the gift shops.  I paid for tickets to the rides.  Everything I did was another business.  I thought, “Okay, I’ve got to find a business that has multiple revenue streams within it.”

Theme parks taught me about building other revenue streams.  Every time you can add a revenue stream to the same pipeline, the profit margins change drastically.  You are putting more through that pipe.  That’s what I always tried to do in my businesses, and it is how we were successful.


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