Tracey Bergthold, Words from a Fighter

tracy-speechAs we close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is important to remember the reason we wear pink, support “the ribbon” and promote this cause for an entire month. As a Copart family, it is important to hear from other family members about the causes the company takes part in.

Tracy Bergthold, a current breast cancer patient, shared information with us to share with the Copart community about why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so important along with the rest of the traditions that others do in observance of the month.

Tracy was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has just begun chemotherapy treatments.  She was more than willing to open up about her experience with breast cancer and provide her insight as a current breast cancer patient:


What does Breast Cancer Awareness Month mean to you?

This year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has a totally new meaning to me. In fact Breast Cancer awareness is more than the month of October for me.  However, I think it’s important that Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as wearing pink, gets women and men thinking. Hopefully through this, they end up taking some action to get a yearly mammogram for women 40 and over and for those younger women, that they do a monthly self-examination for any signs of breast cancer. 

How does wearing pink help you as a current Breast Cancer patient?

It shows me that there are others out there that are supportive of not only my fight against breast cancer, but all of the other women (and men) fighting this same fight.  I also like to think that those who wear the pink, are carrying out the intent behind wearing pink and strive to bring awareness to this disease, to not only get the mammograms, but to also know the signs of it.  Also to know that there really is NO excuse not to get a mammogram, as there are programs to help pay for them for those who cannot afford them or the co-pays.  Most insurance companies cover them at 100% to little co-pay. 

What do the events that your co-workers at Copart planned in your honor of you mean for you?

On the Friday that Chelsea Beveroth, Member Services Supervisor, coordinated with the entire Member Services department to wear pink in support of me, not only did it take me by surprise once I realized why all of my co-workers were coming into work wearing pink, but it also gave me a great feeling that I am not alone in my fight.  I truly felt supported by not only that but also by all of the words of encouragement, hugs, tears and support that my co-workers here in Eldridge have given me. 

The benefit that Tami Jewell – Labath spear-headed and brought together, with the help of Mindy Matthews, Ryan Sanders and Jane Vandersnick, not only helped to take a bite out of the financial aspect of my fight, but it gave me one of the biggest morale boosts. People came out to support me through not only donations, purchasing items, raffle tickets etc at the event, but also by giving me words of encouragement and just showing up after not seeing some for many years.  I can’t remember feeling like I did that day for quite some time.

When it comes to wearing ribbons and certain colors, we must always remember the underlying reason.  When we wear pink we are showing support for those who are currently or who have been breast cancer patients.  We are consciously raising awareness by wearing a universal color as a symbol for a cancer that affects thousands of women annually.  Copart is proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!



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