Copart Eldridge Raises Awareness with Pink

In Eldridge, Iowa, Copart is dedicated to raising awareness, supporting a fellow co-worker and fundraising money for breast cancer treatments.

Throughout the month of October, employees have worn pink as a symbol of support for both those affected by breast cancer as well as fellow Copart family member Tracy Bergthold.  Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and almost immediately, Tracy’s co-workers sprung into action to raise awareness, support breast cancer research and treatments, and organize a benefit.


Chelsea Beveroth, Copart’s Member Services Office Supervisor organized the Member Services department to wear pink to show support for Tracy and raise awareness.

“It was important for me to give my entire team the opportunity to show our support for our friend and teammate,” said Chelsea. “I secretly invited everyone (but her) to wear pink on Friday to show our continued support.

“The look on her face when I arrived that morning was priceless! She came to my desk, smiling ear to ear and said to me, ‘I think I’m beginning to see a theme here…’ We both laughed for a moment and she expressed how relieved she was and that she had unknowingly worn pink as well. It is important to show our support for  Breast Cancer Awareness because we are reminded everyday that no one is ‘safe.’  I also wanted to my team to understand that it is OK to care about the health and well-being  of each other.”

Many employees at Copart Eldridge participated in the planning of the benefit to raise money for breast cancer treatments.


“Tami Jewell-Labath had the idea to throw a benefit one month ago when she first heard that Tracy had been diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Mindy Mathews, Senior Business and Finance Analyst. “Tami quickly went to work gathering donations from local businesses for raffle prizes as well as securing a venue, a DJ and food vendors.”


Jane Vandersnick and Mindy Matthews also volunteered to organize the event. They supplied the decorations and miscellaneous items as needed as well as filled 40 raffle prize baskets. Ryan Sanders and Mindy volunteered to work the event.

“We were happy to even see our co-workers attend the event to show support and even a few former co-workers came to the event,” recounts Mindy. “We are family, so even when jobs change, we support each other!”

Before the event, the organizers set a goal, and after the benefit, that goal had been surpassed by more than 20 percent!

In addition to the money raised for the benefit, the Copart Eldridge office dedicated all vending machine sales profits for the month of October to go toward breast cancer treatments.

Anyone wishing to send support and words of encouragement to Tracy, feel free to email her at or send her a letter of encouragement to the Copart Eldridge location at 451 Blackhawk Trail Rd. Eldridge, IA 52748.


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