Minute Monday: Clean Workspace Quick Tips

Our work days are often very busy and many unexpected things come up along the way.  Sometimes, we are pulled into a meeting unexpectedly.  Other times, we need to drop what we are currently doing and respond to another request right away. With these surprises, we can lose track of what we were doing before or eventually end up with a messy workspace from all of the ongoing projects.

Check out these tips on keeping an organized workspace to help maintain an organized and clean workspace.

  1. Clean Before You Leave

Some evenings, we have to run out the door.  More often than not though, we can spare 3 to 5 minutes to clean up and put away the loose papers, pens, sticky notes and notepads.  When you leave the office with a clean desk, you can come in the next morning with a fresh start.

  1. Have a Physical Inbox

While you may have a messy and often full email inbox on your computer, you should also consider creating a physical inbox for your desk.  Put any incoming documents that you need to work on in this folder or paper tray and keep it next to you so that you always have it ready for when you start on that next project. By doing this, you will always have a designated place for the things that need to get done.

  1. Clear the Clutter

Sometimes, our desks will accumulate small office accessories such as notepads, paperclips, lanyards, promotional items and even snacks. If this is the case, practice clearing your desk of items that you do not use on a regular basis. Put things away in their proper place and keep your workspace free from clutter.

  1. Put Trash in the Trashcan

If you have trash, make it a habit to put it in the trashcan as soon as you can.  Keep a trashcan nearby and don’t place trash on your desk.  This keeps your desk from accumulating trash and eventually becoming messy, which may cause you more stress when you look at your disorganized workspace.

  1. Expand Your Desk Space

If you have a simple workspace with no drawers, buy some.  If you have a desk with drawers, organize them.  Using additional storage allows you to put away inessentials that you use occasionally, but not on an everyday basis.  You also get to file away completed projects and keep a record of your work without having it pile up on your desk.  If it’s out of sight, it will stay out of mind when you are trying to get your work done!


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