Copart Employee Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time to bring awareness to a cancer that affects 1 in 8 women in the U.S. and about 2,000 men annually. The month-long Breast Cancer Awareness campaign every October is a way to show support to those who are currently fighting this cancer, celebrate those who have won the fight against breast cancer, and promote practices that help prevent and detect breast cancer early.

One Copart family member recounts her experience with the nationally recognized Susan G. Komen 3-Day event hosted by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  This event is held all over the country as a way to raise money for cancer research and treatment, education, breast cancer patient services, community health, and global partnerships. 1936731_1182075996545_288312_n-1

Christy Duddleston, Copart’s FP&A Manager, participated in the 3-Day twice, once in Chicago and once in Dallas.  Christy’s first 3-Day was in Chicago, where she joined with other women who worked in her office. After moving to Dallas, Christy wanted to both support her aunt and a fellow coworker who were both diagnosed as well as meet others in the Dallas area who also supported the cause.

Through attending “training walks,” Christy met people from around the city who were participating for different reasons.  She distinctly remembers one group, a group of men, who formed a team to participate in the event to support of one of the team member’s sister.

1936731_1182075876542_167152_n-1“The 3-Day event is so uplifting and positive.  It’s amazing to see that many women and men come together to fight for each other,” said Christy. “A unique part of the 3-Day event is that walkers are not allowed to use headphones or play their own music.  You get to know the people around you and hear their stories and why they walk.”


The 3-Day event consisted of thousands of walkers who walked 20 miles a day for three days.  Along the mapped out walking path, there were several professionals who volunteered their time and professional services to give to the walkers.  There were medical professionals, food donations from restaurants, girl scouts and even masseuses there to encourage and help everyone feel great. Each night on the first and second day, the walkers camped out in tents at a designated camp stop.

“At first, when you start out training and walking at the actual event, you focus on completing the miles,” recounts Christy, “But, there’s a point in the journey that you realize how much of an impact you are making.  You are in your own fight to rise above the hardship with the others around you by completing each day. You are proud of the money you raised because you see the impact the support and awareness has.  You helped save a life.”

1936731_1182075956544_6757405_n-1“This event not only impacts those participating, but it also is important for the surrounding communities where each 3-Day event is held. Most of the money raised for each 3-Day stays within that community and benefits those in your own community,” Christy explains. “You are helping people who live near you.  You are encouraging your own community to stand up and realize that this is a fight we are all a part of, from health advocacy to prevention to providing support.”

For Breast Cancer Awareness this month, Christy says, “This month is so important because like the event, it reminds us all of the impact this cancer can have.  We need to remind each other of what we can do to stay healthy.  We need to be aware of something we don’t always think about and just like the 3-Day walk forces the much needed conversation, this month should do the same thing.  We are never alone in the fight.”


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