Do Something Nice Today!

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” -Amelia Earhart

National Do Something Nice Day is a day focused on reminding us all that amidst all the hustle and bustle of our normal lives, stopping for even one moment and doing something nice for another person can create a world of a difference not just for those we do it for, but also for ourselves.

Copart family member Mindy Mathews believes in this same philosophy and has brought it to the Copart Eldridge location since she first arrived. It was her way to make everyone unite around something as valuable as showing compassion and kindness.

When Mindy first joined the Copart family, she noticed that the vending machines were empty.  Mindy felt that it should be filled for the rest of the Copart employees in the office who needed a snack.  So, Mindy bought items for the vending machine and filled it.  The catch? All profits generated from the vending machine each month go to a charitable initiative.
Mindy.jpgIn July, Mindy spearheaded the initiative “Acts of Kindness.”  This initiative was a great way to engage both the office and give back to a charitable organization.  Mindy emailed the office and informed them of the July initiative:

“If you have seen or been the recipient of an Act of Kindness from a Copart employee, please nominate them by completing the “Random Acts of Kindness” form…This doesn’t have to be a work-related event – it can be any moment of kindness throughout the day. Maybe they offered to grab you lunch while they were out, maybe they were the first to greet you kindly in the morning, maybe they unjammed the copy machine for you, etc.

At the end of the month, I will draw a name from the box and this person will receive a prize and will be able to choose a charitable organization that will receive the vending machine’s profits for the month of July.”

The office enthusiastically participated by not only doing nice things for each other in and around the office, but by also supporting the cause and promoting it.  Mindy received 25 responses, which amounts to at least one act of kindness in the office each work day that is reported. At the end of the month, Mindy gathered together all of the submitted “Acts of Kindness” and drew the lucky winner.

Ashley Truelsen won the drawing and chose the non-profit Pajama Program, an organization that provides new pajamas and books to children in need nationwide.


Nominee & Nominator.jpg
Belinda Reufer, the Copart employee who wrote the winning nomination for Ashlet Truelsen.


“This was a great event,” said Mindy. “Not only was the office into the spirit of giving, but we also learned about a new organization that does good work for the community.  I had never heard about Pajama Program before and it was awesome learning about and helping out a different organization. Doing things like this helps with the day to day work and stress.  It helps you get above that and interact with others in a more positive way.”

These seemingly small acts of kindness led to something even bigger. On National Do Something Nice Day, let’s remember that.  An act of kindness can go a long way and turn someone’s day around for the better. Do something nice today and share it with us! Send pictures and information on all the great things you do for each other and for the community to!


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