Are You a Good Neighbor?

It’s National Good Neighbor Day today! This is a day where we step back and look at how we can be good neighbors to each other and our surrounding communities—even as a company. Here are some of the many ways Copart strives to be a good neighbor…every day and everywhere.

Mother Nature:

We all share one neighbor, the environment.  Copart is dedicated to protecting and taking care of our environment.  This begins with our locations that house the thousands of vehicles we receive and sell.  We have very strict guidelines for the disposal of fluids and other waste. In just one year, Copart recycled 32.52 tons of material, reduced greenhouse gasses by 103 metric tons and saved nearly four thousand gallons of oil.

Even more, our company is committed to maintaining exceptionally clean and organized facilities for other neighbors who come by and visit. We don’t just rent land to house vehicles; Copart buys the properties we use and takes care of them to get the best results for the company and the best results to protect the environment.

Chamber of Commerce:

Copart locations across the country engage with their local communities and host local organizations in their own locations.

Edited IMG_0635Just this year, Copart Punta Gorda participated in their local Chamber of Commerce community team building event “It’s a Knockout.”  During this event, Copart employees got to know other neighboring businesses in the community and be a part of some great team building activities.ad6


Later in the year, Copart Raleigh held
an open house event for the local Ewin Chamber of
Commerce as a way to welcome their neighboring businesses and other members of the community.  Copart Raleigh was excited to get to know and build relationships with other members of the community and present themselves as good neighbors of the community.

Law Enforcement Agency Partnerships

Copart locations across the country work with their neighboring law enforcement agencies to provide safe places for their training exercises and classes. Copart prides itself on the support they give local law enforcement and one way we show our support is by opening our locations to them. Copart is the perfect setting to train both employees and K-9 units in tactical operations from any law enforcement agency. Law enforcement training has been held in California, Florida, Montana, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Colorado just to name a few!


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