It’s National Working Parent’s Day!

It’s working parent’s day today, a national day to pay tribute to those parents who work to provide for their family. Whether it’s one parent or two parents who work to provide for their household, it’s an important part of making sure your family is taken care of and provided for while also maintaining a work-life balance. Let’s explore some articles recently published that take a stab at providing solutions to this growing need.

Our VP of Marketing, Michelle Hoffman talks about the need to establish and re-orient ourselves on this work-life balance perspective in her blog post From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life michelle-hoffman-auto-market-insights-vp-marketingIntegration as originally published on her blog, Auto Market Insights. This post explores the concept of a work-life integration as an alternative to the traditional work-life balance as a means of maintaining the same flexibility, but responding to the evolving work day. Further, Michelle offers some helpful solutions to combat this “never-ending cycle of the accumulation of work-induced stress,” which includes “eliminating all boundaries,” “setting attainable goals,” “encouraging a healthy environment and culture” and “defining your career path.” Check out the article to read the great advice our VP gives working parents from both her personal experience as a mother and as an experienced professional.

At Copart, we believe in the importance of family
and its pricelessness and value.  In the work-life balance blog post, our HR Generalist, Christina Blotzer talks about her experience as a new mom who is attending college and working full time with Copart.  Christina is thankful for the opportunities Copart offers its employees, including the great tuition reimbursement program, the great benefits and the office atmosphere. Christina offers advice to new parents and working parents attending school to help achieve this balance.  Check out the blog featuring Christina and her advice.

shutterstock_256121332The Huffington Post recently published an article titled Most Americans Think Companies Should Do More To Help Working Parents. This article explains the challenges working parents face either when entering back into the workforce after having a child or when trying to establish a work-life balance with their families. The article points to the incoming millennial-aged work-force and how “sixty-three percent of those under age 30 say companies should do more.” Moreover, for all parents, “thirty-one percent of parents who are currently working said allowing more flexible work hours would be the most useful policy to help working parents.” Check out the article to learn more about what the Huffington Post reports regarding this road block both companies and working parents are trying to get through.


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