Minute Monday: Meeting Tips for Outlook

Scheduling meetings can be tricky, especially finding a time that works for everybody and accommodating people coming from different locations. Thankfully, Microsoft Outlook does have some helpful tools. Wendy Ganey, our well-practiced Outlook operator has some tips to help make planning your meetings even easier in a minute or less!

Put a “hold” event on the calendar for meeting times that have been offered, but not accepted. This prevents offered times from being filled accidentally in the meantime. Be sure to go back and release the dates that aren’t chosen after one is decided upon.

Back to Back Meetings:
Try to avoid booking meetings back-to-back if possible. Travel time must be taken into consideration whether it is across the office, down the hall, or across the town. Also remember you have to eat sometime. Don’t book meeting over your lunch hour!

Travel/drive time:
Build a “cushion” before and after an offsite meeting. Map travel routes and be aware of this when planning the next meeting.

Stay tuned to Minute Mondays for more Outlook tips and tricks! Don’t want to wait, check out More Minute Mondays.


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