Minute Monday: Mobile Phone Health

You are not the only one who needs to remain healthy to live a long and energetic life, your mobile phone does too! Luke Pfaff, our IT expert, has some helpful mobile phone health tips to share in a minute or less.

Be sure to follow these tips to keep your mobile phone healthy and you plugged in to your social life!

Out with the Old: Uninstalling unused apps will free up space and reduce the amount of updates and update time.

Nothing Good Comes Free: Stay away from “free” sites and pop-ups that offer free movies, music, etc. These sites can expose your mobile devices to hackers and other harmful programs.

Once a Day Keeps the Corruptions Away: Restart your phone once a day to reduce system and data corruptions from apps and cache data by fully powering off your device.

In with the New: If you are notified of a software or app update, do not put it off. Updates address a wide range of issues and bugs such as security holes, memory leaks, crashes and battery drain.

Get More “On-Time”: If you aren’t running apps that require a lot of speed, make sure to turn on power saver mode to make your battery time last longer.

Don’t miss the next Minute Monday, our process improvement expert has some great tips to share in a minute or less!


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