Minute Monday: Corporate Event Planning

There are some important technical and soft skills you should master when it comes to corporate event planning. One of our resident event planning experts, Rachel Thurman, offers advice on the most important tips and skills to have in planning a successful corporate event or meeting in a minute or less!

Technical skills:

  • Negotiating: You could be negotiating for one simple purchase, or for a more complex reoccurring order.  It’s important to get comfortable negotiating so that you can get your point across.
  • Contracts: It is important to know how to read through contracts.  Understand certain key terms used in contracts and what certain clauses mean so you don’t feel lost or out-of-the-loop.
  • Budgets: Effectively handling budgets of different sizes is very important in making sure you have a complete and well balanced corporate meeting/event from start to finish.

Soft skills:

  • A Friendly Personality: The more genuinely friendly your personality is, the better the business relationship becomes.  The more you really listen to what both your client and those you are negotiating with want, the better everything turns out for everyone.
  • Organized: Always always always be organized and plan ahead! Save information from past events and keep an organized system that allows for you to find information fast.  The more organized you are the more successful your event will be.
  • Have Thick Skin:  If your client expresses a dislike for something you planned or put together, don’t take it personally.  Remember, it’s business.  Even more, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion when it’s really important to do so and you have a solid reason to back it up. Communication is key!
  • Have Pride: When you are proud of what you do, it shows.  Take pride in your work and always put out the best product for your client.

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