Yard 47 Writes Thank You Cards in Honor of Memorial Day


Yard 47 in Phoenix, Arizona participated in sending Thank You cards to our troops for Memorial Day. Yard 47 sends the Thank You cards every year as a way to recognize military service men and women for protecting our country and to show gratitude for everything they go through on a daily basis just to ensure our safety and freedom.

Many of us have had and seen brothers fall never to get up, and we take this time to remember the good things about them and their sacrifice for us all,” said Anthony Gaskins, Yard Supervisor and U.S. Army Veteran. “We need to distinguish the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Veterans Day is for celebrating our troops. Memorial Day is for thanking the valiant ones who have fallen in service for our freedom.”

Memorial Day, originally know as Decoration Day, is a day to remember men and women who have died in service of our country. This holiday started in Waterloo, New York, in 1966, because of the small town’s traditional memorial gathering that took place every year. On this day, businesses would close, and local residents would decorate the soldiers’ graves with flowers and flags.

This was a great opportunity to thank all the service men and women who are making the sacrifice so we don’t have to and a great way to show appreciation for their hard work on a personal level,” said Jorge Hernandez, Yard Agent. He also said that it felt good to know they were writing the letters directly to troops and were able to provide words of encouragement, gratitude, and appreciation that may put a smile on their face.

Memorial Day is a time to honor the memory of those who have fallen in service for our country, their sacrifice allows us to enjoy the privileges or prospering today,” said Jon Black, Assistant General Manager.


“It means we should stop and think about the sacrifices men and women have given to make this world a safer place, not just on Memorial Day, but every day,” said Christina Agras, Customer Service Representative.

 “My uncle lost his legs in Vietnam and to me this was one of the most un-selfish things our troops can do,” said Janice Garman, Copart Dealer Services Representative.

 “A simple card is just a small gesture that we can make to show that we care and support them. To any heroes we have here at Copart, thank you, and we appreciate the sacrifices you have made and continue to make to keep our way of life going,” said Juan Duenes, Customer Service Representative.


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