Team Building in Vallejo, California

The IT team at Yard 1 in Vallejo, California organized and participated in a team building event at a nearby archery range.  The archery event was not only a way to have a social gathering outside of work, but it also provided a new enjoyable experience.

Shaylyn Kosta, Software QA manager, says, “It was fun to do something with the group that was outside of the norm and not work related.” She agrees that the event was good for the entire team and looks forward to more activities like it in the future.  Shaylyn continues, “I don’t think I would’ve ever tried archery if it hadn’t been presented in the team building activity, and now I would jump at the chance to do it again!”

During the event, teams socialized with others outside of their normal office teams, learned the importance of positive and constructive encouragement, as well as how to shoot at both targets and balloons attached to the targets.

Other participants of the event had this to say:

Maria Molo – Database Developer: “This was my first time going on an archery outing; it was a new experience for me.  I think this was a great idea, and I am glad the office thought of this. It looks like everybody had a great time.   I know I did!”

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Edlira Muratas – Director of Software QA: “The outing reinforced for me: ‘Practice makes perfect.’  I started by shooting arrows all over the walls and ended up with my last arrow popping the balloon! It was the happiest moment!”

Juanita Clark – CAS Programmer: “It was so much fun and everyone seemed so relaxed. The event definitely accomplished the intended team building objective.”

Shail Gupta – Business Analyst: “It was one of the best activities we did as a team while I have been here.  I look forward to doing it more often.”

Eric Writer – Intern: “It was fun and the first time that I got to mingle and chat with the whole team!”

Frederick Simpson – CAS Programmer: “I scared my balloon half to death many times before I finally nailed it with my next to last arrow. I had a wonderful time, and I hope we do that again. It was so nice seeing everyone in the office enjoying themselves during such a great team building exercise.”




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