Minute Monday: Technology tips for everyone!

Technology is a part of everything we do and it is often used to fit more in our day and make our lives easier.  Our very own IT expert, Luke Pfaff, offers some helpful tips, in a minute or less, on making sure you are always prepared and ready for any technology mishaps.

Whether you use it for work or play, these are some of the most important things you can always plan on doing to keep your technology experience running smoothly and well-secured:

  • Password Security: Reset your bank, email, and social media passwords often or enable two-factor authentication.
    • If you have a lot of passwords, find a Password Manager tool that will keep them all in one location. (Caution: Research before you buy, freeware may put your passwords at risk)
  • Backup (Cloud): Backup your data often
    • Take advantage of all the free cloud storage on the market and save your pictures, music, documents, etc. here. This will keep the space on your hard drives and phones at a minimum. In the event of an accident or hardware failure, this can help you get back to your life or work more quickly.
  • When in doubt, Google It!
    • If you come across a frequent error or issue with your PC or mobile device, researching your issue may lead you to forums and blogs that may help resolve it. You’ll learn more in the process and more importantly, stay out of those long customer service queues.
  • Getting Friendly
    • Like starting a new job or moving to a new place, it’s important to familiarize yourself with something you use every day. Learning a few things a week can save you loads of time in the future. Learning a few keyboard shortcuts, or reading other tips and tricks can help you become more familiar with your product. This will ultimately help you become more self-reliant and confident to continue finding better ways to maximize your efficiency, which is what IT is all about!

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