Minute Monday: Top Tips for Graphic Designers

Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful member of Marketing and Creative Departments? Need some advice on what to do and how to showcase your skills in the creative world as an emerging professional? Our own expert here at Copart, Senior Art Director Darren Nylec, offers advice in a minute or less!

The process: To be a successful and productive member on the Creative team…

  1. Ask as many questions as possible to avoid multiple revisions.
  2. Samples/doodles clients have of their vision helps you understand what it is that they really want.
  3. Know what final format is needed for production (web or print) and who the vendor is to contact for any questions.
  4. Have approved copy first to help drive design and layout.
  5. Follow the Creative Brief the Marketing owner fills out for the designer.
  6. Follow any brand guidelines and/or style guide to keep a consistent look.
  7. Submit for approval/revisions.
  8. Supply final files in appropriate formats and admire your content from afar!

Creative career advice:

  1. You can be a self-taught good designer, although most often you can tell the difference with someone who has a formal design education.
  2. Remain humble. You’ll consistently run into constructive criticism from your peers and clients. Creative is subjective; you will find a balance.
  3. Try to control realistic deadlines you give yourself and that others give you. (Unless you like working 20 hours/day!)
  4. Learn both print production processes and web development aspects—a hybrid designer has a much more lucrative career.
  5. Know the critical design and production programs—mainly the whole Adobe Creative Suite. Outside of formal classes, the best way to learn is to shoulder surf on someone with experience.
  6. Build a current professional portfolio, whether it’s online, print or both.
  7. If interviewing a potential client and they say they want to include their cat in the design. Bail. If they say they want the design to POP, Bail. If they can only afford $XX for a complete redesign/new brand, you can do better.

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