Minute Monday: Internship Insights

With the spring semester well underway, many college students are on the hunt for summer internships that will be enriching and beneficial before they fully enter the workforce.  Here are some helpful tips from some of our own interns here at Copart that will help you in your internship and entry-level job hunt:

1. Look up the company you are applying to/ interviewing for ahead of time.

Not only does this show employers you “did your homework,” but it helps you see whether this would really be a company you want to work for.

2. Don’t worry about what other people are doing—do what is best for you!

Focus on what you can offer a company and use that to stand out among every other candidate. Instead of trying to compare yourself, focus on your strengths and use that as a jumping off point in showing how you can contribute to the company.

3. There is no such thing as being “over-dressed.”

When you are interviewing, first impressions matter! Dress professionally, bring your resume and work samples, and above all show up early with a smile and a great attitude! Be sure not to dress too casually—this could signal to employers that you are not as serious about the position.

4. When choosing an internship, know the company’s expectations.

Know what you can handle with your work load, class schedule, overall availability and how that fits into what the company is looking for.

5. When asked during your interview if you have any questions, ask questions!

Don’t let your nerves keep you from showing potential employers that you are genuinely interested in learning about the company and from learning important information that can help you make a better decision!


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