The Internship Experience: Marketing

Jessica Yesenia Amador, graduating in May 2016 from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Communications with an emphasis on public relations and emerging media, is an aspiring communications manager and director.  Originally from Durango, Mexico, Jessica has lived in Texas for 14 years and has found her love for marketing, PR, communications, and design.  She currently is one of Copart’s Marketing interns and will be starting full-time as a Marketing Coordinator after graduation.

When she isn’t working, Jessica enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, volunteering, painting, and practicing digital design. Her favorite part of working in the Marketing field is getting to touch a lot of different projects and have input in their design and implementation.

Jessica offers advice and insight into her internship experience, her time with Copart, and the value she finds in working with the company:

How do you feel Copart has equipped you to enter the “real world” after you graduate from college?

I’m lucky that I get to step into a real world role with Copart as soon as I graduate. My supervisor, Carolyn Pfantz, and the whole marketing team have prepared me for that responsibility.  Even though I have only worked as an intern in the professional world for a couple of years, I have had the flexibility to explore all areas of the industry.

When you were looking for an internship in your department, what made you choose Copart?

Last spring, when I was applying for summer internships, I had an offer from Copart and an offer from another big name company.

I decided to choose Copart because when I went through the interview process, the team really made sure to get to know me.  Even more, they assured me that I would have ownership of my individual projects; I didn’t get that feeling from other companies. Instead, I felt like I would be “just another intern” if I chose to work somewhere else.

What is the most valuable part of your internship with Copart?

I can’t choose one thing that has been most valuable to me. It’s safe to say I’ve enjoyed every day on the job since I started last summer. I get to work on projects that I know will have an impact on the marketing team and hopefully the whole company. I get to work with a team of extremely talented and intelligent individuals, I get to see my ideas turn into reality, and I have some great friends that I’ve made.

What is one way in which you have grown/ learned something new during your internship with Copart?

Looking back, the biggest way I’ve grown as an individual is with confidence. In the past, if I was assigned a big project, I might have been hesitant, worried and maybe a little afraid. Now I feel confident because I’ve grown to learn that I have an awesome team behind me.

What advice would you give to college students who are looking for an internship in your field?

  1. The most important thing is to start applying to internships the semester before you want an internship. For example: If you want an internship for the summer you will want to start looking in January.
  2. Apply to as many internships as you can. My first semester looking for an internship, I applied to about 30, got a call back from one and that was the company I worked with the next semester.

What is one of your favorite memories while interning with Copart?

One of my favorite days at Copart was my birthday. My desk was decorated all over; there was not one inch that wasn’t decorated. I received my full time offer the day before so it felt like the best birthday present.

birthday desk

birthday pic


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