Minute Monday: Email Marketing

Email continues to be an effective communications tool at Copart. We sent more than 4 million marketing emails in the month of March alone. Our Members are reached through a multitude of strategies.  Because effective communication is a staple in any organization, it is important to consider using email as a primary communication tool.

Here are some useful tips for effective email marketing:

  1. Be personal: professionalism can be coupled with friendliness.  Don’t just send text; send a conversation to your target audiences.
  2. Make it worthwhile: compile important information into a couple of emails instead of multiple smaller emails with a little bit of information throughout the week.  It’s easier to have a set schedule so that everyone knows when to look for important information you send.
  3. Keep it simple: people want to understand what you are saying as quick as possible so that they can get back to being a productive! It’s OK to explain, but be careful not to be repetitive or wordy.

Tell us what you want to learn about in future #MinuteMondays!  We talk to our experts in the company to pull these tips/ tricks together to deliver the most up to date and accurate information to you. Email us at copartcommunications@Copart.com.


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