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Yard 137’s tight-knit camaraderie highlighted Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce’s “It’s a Knockout” team building event recently. Yard 137 entered two six-member teams, the Refinanced Rust Buckets and The Sparkplugs, into the event.

“The event was successful not only because our teams had a really great time, but on top of that, we expanded our brand to the community and with other local businesses,” said General Manager Jim Holtmann.

During “It’s a Knockout,” the unique and refreshing games helped the teams open up and express their individuality, strengthen their relationships with each other, and enjoy their time together outside of the normal workplace.

One of the games was a “Hungry Hungry Hippo” inspired game. Teams pushed each other around while lying on a furniture dolly with a bucket attached. The objective was to gather as many balls on the floor as possible. Other team building games included a slow bike-ride race, a Super Soaker soda can shoot-out game, a clown shoes race with water-filled trays, and a knock-out game using panty hose with a tennis ball tied to participants’ heads.

Holtmann urges the importance of using every day to team build. However, he points out, “We also try to do something different every month, like an outside event for all the staff to participate in. This event was easy and fun. We were just required to sign up, show up and plan a t-shirt for our team to wear.”

For other members of the Copart family, Holtmann advises to always get your team involved with the community. He explains, “The staff loved the event and wants to do it again this coming year; every time someone brings it up, everyone smiles and starts reminiscing about it.”

While it does make your team stronger and closer, Holtmann also sees the value of events like these and the impact they can have on the company’s relationship with the community. He concludes by making the point that, “Some of the best community relationships are built by allowing others to see how happy your work place can be.”
















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