The Internship Experience: Human Resources

Ellyce Becker is an aspiring Human Resource Manager set to graduate this May at Texas Women’s University with a degree in Human Resource Management.  Ellyce grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and has lived in Texas for about four years.  She is the first in her family to go to college and has two younger brothers looking up to her as a role model.

She enjoys a variety of pastimes including going to the movies, bowling, game nights with her family and going to the lake.  She also loves sushi, coffee, country music, cats and watching funny movies.

Ellyce offers her insight into her internship experience, time with Copart, and the value she finds in working with the company:

How do you feel Copart has equipped you to enter the “real world” after you graduate?

Copart has given me the hands on experience a lot of companies look for when looking to hire new employees.

What advice would you give to college students who are looking for an internship?

  1. Utilize both your campus’s career center as well as the internet. You can get great advice from career counselors and filter search results on the internet to find exactly what you are looking for (location, pay, work type, etc.).
  1. When interviewing, always dress professionally, bring your resume and any supplemental materials requested, and above all show up early with a smile and great attitude.
  1. When choosing the right internship, know the company’s expectations. Know what you can handle with your work load, class schedule, overall availability, and how that fits into what the company is looking for.  You need to determine whether it’s best to work during the semester or wait and find a summer internship.  Also, don’t be afraid to look into whether your company of interest is a good company to work for.  Use websites like Linkedin and read reviews that previous and current employees made about their experience at that company.

What is the most valuable part of your internship?

I have had the opportunity to implement and apply what I learned in school—ranging from HR related words to alternative dispute resolution and to business policy—and gain a better understanding of how to use it.  Nothing is more valuable than the hands on experience I am getting from this internship.

When you were looking for an internship in Human Resources, what made you choose Copart?

Not only is Copart a larger company that seemed to have many opportunities for advancement but a good friend of mine who works at Copart told me what a great company it is to work for.  Copart offered a good pay and benefits while many other companies pay very little and do not offer benefits to their interns.


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