The Internship Experience: Marketing

Alexa Acosta is a senioAlexar at Southern Methodist University studying Marketing and Graphic Design.

She has more than two years of marketing experience through internships with companies such as Whitley Penn, FedEx
Services and Collin College.  During these internships, she has provided support for the management and administration of niche strategic marketing plans, programs and initiatives as well as contributed to the development of creative content to support online strategy.

Alexa has also conducted objective audits of marketing communications and collateral and provided recommendations. She also has experience in marketing research with special emphasis on usability testing.

Upon graduation, Alexa is interested in Marketing Management and Product Brand Management. Currently, Alexa is interning at Copart where she supports content development and market research for the CrashedToys brand.

What brought you to the field you are working in?

I went to art school for 6 years –and I wanted to leverage my creativity in a more business oriented field. I found Marketing to be the best of both worlds. I also love the flexibility and breadth of opportunities that a Marketing career allows. I also LOVE working with people and marketing allows for a lot of collaboration work.

What’s your favorite vehicle? Jeep Wrangler

What’s one interesting fact about you? I am from Puerto Rico

Do you have any tips for someone looking for an internship?

  1. It is never too early to start gaining experience, so don’t wait until your senior year.
  2. Network. Network. Network.
  3. Learn how to sell yourself even if you don’t have internship experience. Any experience (school, volunteer work, extracurricular activities) can be applicable and used to your advantage.

What is one of your bucket list items? I would like to travel to every country.

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