The Internship Experience: Software Engineering


Deepak Negi- I have 4 years of experience with software development, but I never had much of a chance to work in the frontend part of web development. In my previous experience, I worked majorly on the backend part, enhancing queries using indexing and other methods. Here, I received a better chance to understand the whole process of web development using agile software development methodology.

Each iteration is called a sprint, which is 2 weeks long, and in those 2 weeks we have to develop production quality code that goes through strict quality assurance. I learned to coordinate in a better way with the product owners and the business analysts to develop an efficient and optimal product that suited everyone’s interest. On top of that, I used latest technologies like Angular JS and the Ruby on Rails framework to develop the application. This gave me the best possible chance to learn the latest and most demanding technologies in the market.  I also learned that sharing the knowledge is always helpful for the team and the company. The Copart wiki is a great place to share the knowledge and any ideas we come across.

My manager was very helpful and he provided me with very useful and informative materials and courses to learn the technologies, which were new to me. My manager and supervisors took to time boost my morale and gave me opportunities to excel the technologies that I am good at and improve the technologies that were new to me.

This internship has helped me understand and learn the software development culture here in the U.S., which is quite different from the work environment I was used to working in. It is much more professional and people never hesitate to appreciate our work.


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  1. Nice pic. We need you for my next movie. I want you to play the role of Impossible in the next Mission Impossible.

  2. India needs engineers like you Deepak. With your experience I am sure we can make a difference.

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