Employee Spotlight: Cordella Brown

Cordella BrownCordella Brown

Title: General Manager Yard 54 – Dunn, NC

Nickname: Cita

Hometown: Snow Hill, NC

Years working with Copart: 2

What brought you into the field you are working in?
I started off on the other side of the map. I was an insurance adjuster for 7 years so I worked with Copart as a seller before joining the operations team.

What’s your favorite part about working at Copart?
No doubt the people!! This company as a whole has some really great people. It is a true blessing to work alongside and for such an amazing group of people.

You’re stuck in an elevator- name three famous people (dead/alive) you would want to be stuck with:  Eleanor Dare (Lost Colony – Daughter of John White/mother of Virginia Dare), Harriett Tubman and Bill Clinton.

What career advice would you give someone that is starting off in your field?
Come in with an open mind and to be motivated by change. With change comes a new challenge, and new challenges keep you on your toes because you never want to become complacent in this field.

What is your favorite memory at Copart?
My favorite Copart memory is accidentally sitting at Vinnie Mitz table at last year’s PCI dinner. I was pregnant and wearing heels and was just completely exhausted by this point of the trip so I decided this looks like a good place to sit. Once seated I realized there were name cards in front of some of the place settings. Before I could move Carlos Sabugueiro and the Dubai team arrived at the table as they were sitting there as well. Carlos reassured me that it was indeed ok to sit there as I was really about to move. Needless to say I had quite the evening sitting with this group. Good Time with GREAT People!!

How does your work help Copart buyers, sellers or the industry as a whole?
As a General Manager I assist buyers and sellers to better understand and utilize the services that Copart has to provide. Buyers do not always fully understand the bidding process as well as the fees. By providing them with superior customer service it makes their buying experience much more enjoyable and increases the probability of that buyer becoming a repeat customer. From the sellers stand point my team and I always strive to get the best return possible. This is done through recommending services that can increase the value of the vehicle as well as making sure the photos and damage codes are executed properly at the time of receiving. Here at the yard level of operations we are the face of Copart to both buyers and sellers. We have to make sure that we are representing the company in a positive manner, as you only get one time to make a first impression and arrival/interaction at the yard locations is often the first impression for most.

If applicable, what college did you attend?
East Carolina University – Go Pirates ARRGGGG!!

What is one of your bucket list items?
To visit St. Lucia and stay at Jade Mountain Resort – This place looks AMAZING!!!!

What are you binge watching right now?  Power (On Starz)

Favorite sports team: NY Giants

Favorite vehicle: My favorite vehicle that I have owned is a 2007 Nissan Maxima – That was my absolute favorite car, before it started with the transmission issues.

What is one interesting fact about you?
Before I had my son, Corbin, I use to compete in semi-pro paintball competitions with my brother.


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