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What makes Copart exceptional? Earlier this year, Copart was ranked number one in Deloitte’s The Exceptional 100 list of top performing U.S. companies. This achievement was based on three features financial performances.

But aside from financial performance, Copart excels in giving back and providing to the community it serves in.

As a catalyst for assistance, growth, responsibility and relief, Copart has focused on four areas of service to make a difference in the community.

Law Enforcement Aid

Have you ever thought of the training that goes behind police dogs, accident investigations and new firefighters? Copart offers a controlled environment for law enforcement agencies to carry out their training. For example, new police dogs are trained to detect narcotics and explosives in Copart locations.

Law enforcement teams can contact the general managers at one of our 160 locations to benefit from this program.  Thirty percent of locations already have ongoing relationships with local law enforcement, fire departments and other agencies.

Disaster Relief

Last month, FEMA declared Texas as a major disaster area due to severe storms, tornadoes, flooding and more. A Copart facility in Houston, Texas handled over 2,500 vehicles affected by the storms within two weeks of the most severe storm. This is about 30% more vehicles than this location usually handles.

Flooding is one example of disaster reliefs Copart has an impact on. Insurance carriers rely on Copart to help them transport vehicles, document damages and sell totaled automobiles during times of need.This means that natural disaster victims can close insurance claims faster and purchase the vehicles they need to get to return to their regular lives.

Economic Growth

Copart provides thousands of career opportunities across the U.S. From sales representatives, to general managers, the opportunities and leadership development programs at our locations offer a path to success.

In addition to professional growth, Copart invests in its employee’s well-being and happiness. Recently, Copart hosted a family day that included family passes to Six Flags and lunch.

Copart doesn’t just provide jobs and growth opportunity to its own employees. It partners with hundreds of local businesses, often providing small businesses the steady work to grow year after year. Frank Tovar of Tovar Towing reported that working with Copart has helped expand his business from 1 to six trucks.

Environmental Responsibility

Copart places huge importance on taking care of the land it owns and leases by handling materials responsibly. Not only does Copart enact strict guidelines for disposal of fluids and other waste, in just one year, Copart recycled 32.52 tons of material. Copart also reduced greenhouse gases by 103 metric tons and saved nearly four thousand gallons of oil. Many competitors rent the land where they house their vehicles. Copart owns the majority of its land and takes care of the properties they operate on.

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